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Icon Sailing presently operates four boats - one custom and three one-design:

ICON - 65' Carbon Sled
Icon is a 65' custom carbon fiber sled designed by the well-known Pacific Northwest naval architect Robert Perry and built by Marten Yachts of New Zealand. Since construction in 2001, Icon has raced in numerous regattas all over the world, including the Sydney Hobart race, Hamilton Island Race Week, San Francisco Big Boat Series, Swiftsure, and the van Isle 360 to name a few.

Three features distinguish Icon from many other boats - the first is that it is made completely from carbonfiber (hull, rudder, mast and boom); the second is that the interior is nearly completely removable for racing (reducing the weight of the boat by approximately 4000 lbs), and the third is that she has a hydraulic lifting keel which reduces her draft from ~15 feet to 9 feet (making it possible to enter many harbors which otherwise would be inaccessible).

Icon weights approximately 27,000 lbs in racing trim (no fuel, sails or stores) and has an upwind sail area of 2,000 sq feet.  Downwind the sail area increases to approximately 5,000 square feet, depending on the flying sail (spinnaker) being used.  When racing Icon carries a full inventory of sails J1 through J5, storm jib & trysail, A0 through A5, plus numerous special-purpose sails.

When not being raced, Icon is based in Anacortes where she can be seen cruising the San Juan Islands at every available opportunity.

MIKEY - Melges 24 (#332, #835 and #838)
We are presently running a three-boat Melges 24 program with hull numbers #332, #835 and #838.  #332 is primarily dry sailed out of Anacortes, #835 is our east coast traveling regatta boat, and #838 is our west coast travelling regatta boat.  For those unfamiliar with the Melges 24, it is one of the most unique one design sportboats in the world and is part of a growing and vibrant class. It is typically sailed with a crew of 4-5 people with a maximum combined weight of 826 lbs. It features a light-hull displacement design that prefers to plane. Its professionally engineered, high-tech stance includes a carbon fibre spar, rudder, bowsprit and vertical keel fin. Another key component of the Melges 24 is a 670 sq ft asymmetrical spinnaker that lifts and pulls the boat forward on a downwind sprint. It adds speed, simplicity and ease of handling giving way to a more challenging tactical race.