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Icon typically races with a crew between 12-18.  In the longer overnight events we typically race with 12-14 crew members.  In the shorter events where higher winds are expected we sometimes race with as many as 18 crew members. The Mikey crew consists of 4-5 people and seldom changes.

In 2014 we will be running one crew primarily staffed by our Van Isle 360 team and supplemented in other major local events by other regulars.  We also from time-to-time take visitors on local AYC events on a try-out basis.  As of January 1, 2014 our regular crew consists of the following people:

Ben Colwell - Foredeck
Christian Welch - Grinder
Derek Campbell - Main / Afterguard
Eric Welch - Grinder / Gopher
Fraser McMillan - Trimmer
Fritz Matter - Forward Pit
Ian Sloan - Manager / Driver / Damage Control
Jan Majer - Main / Driver / Trimmer
Jenny Welch - Interior
Joy Brown - Interior / Pit
Karl Funk - Foredeck / Entertainment
Kevin Welch - Navigator
Leif Fixen - Grinder
Robbie Kane - Bow
Seamus Woodward-George - Mid Bow / Grinder
Scott Smith - Tactician / Driver
Stuart Lytle - Mast 

For 2014 Mikey will be racing with the following crew members:

Bryn Bachmann - Afterguard
Ian Sloan - Jib & Kite Trim
Joy Brown - Bow / Trimmer
Jeff Medrigalli - Helm / Tactics
Kevin Welch - Bow / Trimmer

Ed Adams - Coach / Weatherman
Fritz Matter - Transportation / Support

It takes a lot of people to race boats like Icon & Mikey - as a result we are always looking for new talent that are willing to make a commitment to the program. If you would like to be considered for our development team we would invite you to contact our team manager Ian Sloan for additional information.  In general we look for people that are: 

  1. Easy & fun to get along with
  2. In excellent physical shape
  3. Have serious racing experience (ex: M20, M24, M32, F40, TP52)
  4. Have big boat experience
  5. Have a unique skill that we can use